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Paper Horse Inspired by Ann Wood

Posted on Sep 13, 2009 in Craft, Inspiration | 4 comments

paper horse craft tutorial
Paper Horse

Paper Horse Second Side

Ann Wood Horse Tutorial
I’ve downloaded pattern from Ann’s side and started my silver-black horse.
I used scissors, yogurt lids, black paper, cardboard, craft glue, toothpicks and beads.
The hardest think was to cut horse from cardboard and to make horse legs moving.

Paper Horse Tool Kit

Paper Horse Tool Kit

Paper Horse Second Try

Paper Horse Second Try

I’m sure that it isn’t my last horse in fact I’m working on next.


  1. Pliiiiizzzz! Pliiiiizzzzz! Make one for me!!! Absolutely Love It!

  2. It’s ~BEAUTIFUL~!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the patterns! What a fun craft! Can’t wait to make a few for my favorite horse lover.

  4. Love the horse patterns! Have had a ton of fun making them! You did such a great job with adult horse pattern..could you make a baby horse (foal) pattern to go with the set?

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