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Her dolls are incredibly beautiful, they charm! Since I’ve seen Christine’s dolls I know I must have one.

Polymer clay doll is approx 13.5″ from head to toe. She is painted using the finest European acrylics available and sealed with a UV protective matt varnish.Sukie’s dress is made of greenish-gold & pink dupioni silk with sequined embroidered lace and crinkled blue grey tulle. Her headband is made of silk cording with rhinestone floral “barrette” and her auburn colored bobbed hair is made of viscose. Sukie’s butterfly catcher is approx. 4.5″ long and is made of wood, wire, tulle and metallic embroidery thread. Inside the catcher is a small silk butterfly coated with a light coat of varnish.
Red Hair Art Doll
14″ polymer clay doll, painted wtih acrylics and matte vanish (dress made of silks,batik fabric and tulle.
Art Doll
Red Hair Art Doll
Christine Alvarado's Red Hair Art Doll
Sylvia, as with all of Christine’s art dolls, is made of strong Polymer Clay and painted in acrylics with a matte varnish for protection. She has a foil armature in her torso and head and has a wire through both for extra support. She is approx. 14″ from head to toe. Sylvia’s eyes are painted green.
Art Doll
Art Doll
Wind's Daughter - Art Doll
Christine Alvarado's Art Doll

To see more Christine Alvarado’s art dolls visit her blog or Flickr


Now I have only one doll – Nastka, I bought her on Wroclaw’s flea market couple years ago.
Nastka - My Vintage Doll Bought on Flea Market
Nastka - My Vintage Doll Bought on Flea Market


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my work and for the kind words!
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