Just a simple pencil made in Illustrator CS4. When I finished it my mum came to my room and said “oh, Eva a pencil looks quite different, just look” and showed me a pencil which was all the time lying on the table, right by my hand. And yes, there is one detail that I missed… but I didn’t fix it.
Hope somebody finds this vector graphic useful.

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All vector graphics and PSD files are made by me. You can download them and use them for commercial purposes, as well as personal. You are not restricted in how you use my works as long as you do not claim authorship, sell them, use them for any offensive or unlawful purpose.

pencils preveiw
pencils preview

DOWNLOAD Pencils vector graphic

zip file 1 MB
Ai, EPS + Hi-res PNG
made with Adobe Illustrator CS4

Example of using pencils vector graphic in Adobe Photoshop
Example of using pencils vector graphic in Adobe Photoshop

DOWNLOAD Example of using vector pencils in Photoshop

zip file 8,1 MB
PSD (original pencils in the hidden group “original pensils”)
made with Adobe Photoshop CS4


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  1. Thank you.
    It saved me time for me to create some simple icons.

  2. nice design . thanks for sharing it

  3. nice designs :)
    hope to see more

  4. Great design. Thanks for sharing


  6. thanhk you for your help !

  7. Thank you for sharing!

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